Are you looking for the biggest and most famous market in Denmark? Odense is one of Europe’s most lovely cities with blemishing post-industrial revolution and technological advancements. Odense is a city of investors, researchers, technologists, and business creators. A vibrant city with a lot of commercial activities taking place. It is the home of the fastest growing Denmark economy.

The city has a high number of small and medium-sized companies. The main business sectors are construction, foods, medical/health, and transportation. Tourism, energy, automation, and cleantech are other areas where the Odense has developed positions of strength. The city also has the highest five-year survival rate for new ventures of all Danish regions. In the city, you will find more than 100 companies working within Robotics, Drones, and Health

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If you already have a company established in the U.S. or somewhere else in the world, Odense can provide the resources, network, and knowledge you need to break into the European market. Now there are more than 129 companies within robotics and industrial automation with around 3600 employees. The City of Odense is already hosting several significant events such as TINDERBOX, SPIS and KARRUSEL, which makes the city an attractive place to be. So there are plenty of reasons to visit Odense – a good place for starting up a business and investing in any kind of business. In 2008, the municipality decided to become the most sustainable Danish city.

In 2012, its environmental policy set out an overall vision, “Sustainable together”(Bæredygtige sammen) and a strategic energy plan (Strategisk energiplan, SEAP) aimed at supplying the city with 100% renewable electricity and heating by 2030. In 2015, Odense was awarded the best city for startups in Denmark and the best European country for doing business. This is a result of the country’s business culture, and the city being saturated by top research and educational institutions.

Whether you are studying (or thinking about studying) in this area, you are considering forming a start-up, or are already an established entrepreneur, Odense has a multitude of resources and talent to help you take your goals to the next level. Since it was founded in 988, Odense has been one of Denmark’s leading cities. Formerly known for its industrial strength, particularly in metal and food production, the city has been undergoing a massive transformation and has proven itself as a leader in high technology – namely robotics. Odense Robotics provides an invaluable resource to help ambitious technology companies grow and thrive. The Danish Technological Institute has also established the Center for Robotics in Odense, which offers product-development counseling, new laboratory and test facilities, and technological know-how. This environment and access to the latest scientific research creates a wonderful environment for small businesses and start-ups learn, grow, and thrive.

The City of Odense is indeed in the middle of a gear shift, 6 billion Euro being invested in the strategic transformation of the city leading to the emerging of new urban development areas now and the years to come. Start your business in Odense and be a part of a solid network.

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