It is easy to follow your package with track and trace

It is becoming more and more common to go shopping from a tablet, smartphone or computer. Here we have an opportunity to sit at home on the couch, and shop around among the internet’s huge selection of online stores. It is completely stress free and you don’t have to rush into the shops during opening hours. The online stores are open 24 hours a day. You can soon buy everything in the online stores, whether it’s a new bike or a couple of delicious stilettos you’re looking for!

Shop online and track your package

Once you have shopped in the webshop and have to pay for the goods you can often choose how the package should be sent. It is often a bit more expensive to have it sent directly to your home address than it is to have it delivered in a parcel shop.

Whether you want to have delivered directly to the door or you want to pick up your new purchases in one of the many packing shops, virtually all freight companies today offer you the possibility to track your package. In short, tracking the package means that you can quickly see how far your package is in the delivery process and when it is expected to be in your delivery.

How to use track and trace

Tracking of shipments is called modern English track and trace. When your order is shipped from the online store, you usually receive an email or a text message from the freight company that is responsible for the freight. This mail or SMS contains a link to track and trace on the freight company’s website.

Track and trace mostly works in the way that you click on the freight company website and enter your parcel or shipping number. Here you get a status of where your package is located. For example, you can find out if the package is at the freight company’s parcel center or it is on its way to your local parcel shop. Many freight companies today also offer apps that you can have on your smartphone and track your package.

Once the package is up, you will be notified
When your shipment is delivered to the parcel shop or at the selected delivery address, you will again receive an SMS and or a mail from the carrier that you can now download your parcel delivered. Then you know that you can pick up the delicious shoes you ordered on the webshop in the parcel shop or maybe they are at your front door when you come home from work.

We hope that in this article you have gained an insight into how easy it is to shop online and use track and trace to follow the status of the goods you have bought.