How Much Does It Cost to Begin for Couple Therapy?

Regular sessions with a skilled partner therapist can mean a lot to the relationship. For that reason, there are also many couples considering starting couples therapy. But how much does it actually cost, and are there some alternative options if you can’t afford to pay yourself?

Expect to pay an hourly rate

Most professional therapists settle for a fixed hourly rate or a session fee. While you can probably find therapists for cheap money (here we are talking between 500 and 900 kroner per session), the best and most experienced therapists typically take at least 1,000 kroner an hour – and sometimes a little more. However, keep in mind if the price is per. per hour or per hour. session. By booking a longer session, which lasts for one and a half hours instead of one hour, you can potentially get a better price.

But it always depends on the individual therapist, for they themselves set their prices. So, to get an overview of couples therapy prices, you should visit the website of the therapist that you and your partner are interested in talking to. Here the prices are usually stated. And if nothing appears on the website, please contact them and inquire about prices.

The number of sessions can be customized

You can expect to pay the therapist per. hour. But it also means that there is another important factor for how much you can expect to pay: namely the number of hours / sessions with the therapist.

The most common thing is to have two sessions a month, ie about every two weeks. But of course it can be fixed completely as needed. For some couples, just one session a month may be enough, so seeing a therapist is not that expensive. Conversely, there may be couples who need weekly meetings, which will result in 4-5 sessions a month, which will be a little more expensive. On the other hand, there is also more time to work on the relationship, which is the whole idea of ​​the concept.

Couple therapy by phone

Some therapists can do couples therapy with you over the phone. This is especially obvious if you and your partner live far away from the therapist. That way you can still get tips and tips for navigating the relationship, and it can be done from home. For example, over a phone call, or perhaps via Skype or some other form of video chat.

It is no secret that couple therapy works best when the couple and therapist can meet for a physical meeting. It provides an extra dimension where it is easier to see the situation and get to know each other properly. But as an alternative, couple therapy via the phone works quite well, so it is a solution that can also be taken advantage of.

Find free advice online

Finding the price of couples therapy is relatively easy. If you and your partner want two monthly sessions and the cost per session is DKK 1,400, then it will cost DKK 2,800 a month. It’s just an example, but you can easily and quickly find the price by looking for hourly rates and times with the desired number of monthly hours.

However, not all couples may have the budget to pay for this, or interest in doing so. We highly recommend it, as a good relationship greatly increases the quality of life – and a good therapist can help with that. But if you want to find a free alternative, look for good advice online. Many party therapists are also active as writers and occasionally give out free advice that can be easily implemented with great success. Couple therapy can thus also be free, but in a slightly different form, and with a little more personal responsibility.