UV window film
UV window film

9 Benefits Of UV Window Film Everyone Should Know

The market offers UV window film that is applied on the inside of the glass. To understand a little better the functionality and characteristics of this film, we will make a broad study of its composition and purposes.
First of all, the UV film are made of layers of polyester film which in turn have an adhesive on one side. While in the other, it has another layer resistant to cracks. The film is imperceptible and is more efficient than many assume.

These films offer security, UV protection and acoustic insulation. UV window film has the peculiarity of having a wide spectrum of design and colors that. It allows you to have unlimited decoration choice for the window.

Through its use, we create endless combinations of colors from a basic palette of only 10 of them. UV window film is widely used in cars but with the increase of UV rays from sunlight, many of them have been designed to protect homes.

With 50 microns thickness, it also protects against the typical domestic accidents preventing the pieces of glass from cutting someone. However, for the protection against third parties we must opt for 100 microns thick security film. This way, it is strong enough to thwart an assault and allow time for alarm activation.

Below, we explain more benefits of using UV window film:

    Your space should be the most comfortable of all. Reduce the heat that enters your windows with UV window film. Thanks to its selective spectrum technology, these films eliminate the types of sun’s rays that must be rejected. Then the sun rays are transmitted in a certain percentage. UV film is a translucent barrier to keep solar heat out.
    Additionally, it provides extraordinary protection since it rejects more than 99% of UV rays and up to 98% of infrared rays, the two main causes of property deterioration. The solar control films form a shield that protects the interiors of the property, furniture, precious objects of insatiable sun damage.
    Glass is the weakest point for the loss and gain of heat in a building, which is why windows should be considered as the main objective to improve the insulation of buildings. Limiting the heat gain through the window has proven to be an easy, efficient, and effective solution to reduce energy costs.
    By using UV window film, you will achieve greater definition of colors, better views and elimination of uncomfortable shines in your window. It reduces the annoying glare and excess light.
    By increasing the heat in our spaces, at the same time, it can increase visual discomfort, fatigue, drowsiness, increased stress and discomfort. All of this impacts our state of mind and productivity
    Excessive exposure to UV rays is a significant factor in the development of skin cancer, photo aging and cataracts among other irreversible diseases to health. UV rays are able to penetrate the clothes and penetrate the windows. UV film rejects more than 99% of harmful UV rays.
    The most vulnerable part of a building is glass; This vulnerability has contributed to the existence of damages associated with vandalism, natural disasters and accidents. When a glass breaks, the safety films hold the fragments together preventing damage and reducing danger.
    By using UV window film, you can rest at night in a much cooler environment. The most vulnerable place for the entry of heat into our homes is through the windows. However, the film covers them perfectly.
    The solar control films with excellent quality are relatively cheap. The cost is quite comfortable when measuring the return on investment in both energy savings and the benefits of having cooler, and more comfortable indoor environment.

    Now you already know the benefits of this type of film. So, do you find other benefits of the UV window film? If yes, let us know in the comment below!

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